Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daughter To Bed

Daughter To Bed

In the days of yore, life is a King and Queen who has no children; this problem creating the King and the Queen is very sad. But in a day, when the Queen walking in the river bank, a small fish lift his head out of the water and said, "What you want can be met, and you soon have a daughter."

What the fish are small fortunes soon become a reality, and the Queen of birth to a little girl who is very beautiful, so the King can not hold over gladness joy of him and a large scale banquet. Ago he invited all the relatives, friends and all the people in his kingdom. All that is in the little kingdom is also invited so that they can participate in maintaining and giving blessings to the small daughter. In the kingdom there are thirteen people and the little king has only twelve gold plates, so the King decided to invite twelve people and not just little ones who invited the three teens. All guests and peri was present after the banquet and they give prizes for best small daughter, the one person to give the good ones, other ones that provide beauty, the other to give more wealth, and so also with the little ones so that the other little girls get almost all the things in the world. When finished eleventh elf who gives his blessing, peri third of teens do not get the invitation and became very angry that, come and take revenge. He said, "daughter of King in the fifth age teens later punctured by sewing needle and die." And the twelfth fairy who has not given its blessing to the daughter, the future ahead and said that the curse is said by the three little remorse occurs, but he can soften the curse, and said that the daughter did not die, but only fell asleep for a hundred year.

King hopes that he can save his daughter's pet threat of condemnation, and ordered all the sewing needle in his palace to be brought out and destroyed. Meanwhile, all the blessings given by the little ones before realized, the daughter became very beautiful, gracious, friendly and wise-hearted, to all the people love it. Right at the age of five teens, the King and Queen left the palace accident, and the daughter left alone in the palace. Daughter in the palace alone to explore and see the rooms in the palace that, until he finally go to one where the old tower is a narrow stairs to the top ended with a small door. Depends on the door of a golden key, and when he opened the door, and see an old woman are together with the sewing needle and look very busy.
"O mother of the good," said the daughter, "What you do here?"

"Sewing and embroidery," said the old woman, then a nod of his head.
"How beautiful is the embroidery you!" said the daughter, and take a sewing needle and began to participate in embroidery. But he accidentally stuck by needles, and what is predicted when he was still small, occurred, the daughter fell to the ground as though not a soul again.

As is predicted that although the daughter punctured by sewing needle, the daughter does not die, but only fall asleep, the King and Queen who has just returned to the palace, along with all the ministers also fell asleep, the horse's stall, in the dog, a dove in the on the roof and a fly in the wall, all fall asleep. Even a fire that was to be discontinued, the roasted meat to be rigid, cook, that it was interesting hair a little child who does the things that are less good, also fell asleep, they all fall asleep and silent.
Quickly crops wild thorns grow in the vicinity of the palace and the palace fence, and each year grow thick and bushy until finally all was in place, surrounded by plants and become invisible again. Even the roof and chimney smoke also can not be seen because it was covered by plants. But the news about the beautiful daughter who sleeps spread to the whole land so that many children of the King and Prince to try to come and try to get into the palace. But they can never succeed because of thorns and the plant has spread and trap them as if they are held by the hand, and finally they can not be advanced again.

After many years away, people who have been told an old story about a king's daughter is very beautiful, how the thickness of thorns fence palace daughter, and how beautiful the palace hidden in the spine. He also told the hearing that it's Her grandfather used to count that many have tried to penetrate the thicket, but they have not been successful.

Then a prince who heard the story said, "All this story is not frightening me, I will go and see the daughter's Bedroom." Although parents have been told earlier to prevent the prince to go, is still force the prince to go.

Currently, one hundred years have passed, and when the prince is coming to scrub the palace fence, see the landscape is just beautiful that it can be passed easily. Plants close again when meeting with the prince has been through. When the prince finally arrived at the palace, seen a dog that is in the page are asleep, so the horse is in the palace enclosure, the roof and see a dove who also sleeps with the head under the wings, and when he go to the palace, he saw fly asleep in the palace walls, and the cook's hair is still holding the child in a grimace that seems to sleep, seems to want to cook it beat the child.

When he entered into more, everything feels so lonely, so she can hear your own voice-winded; until he arrived in the old tower and opened the door where Putri Bedroom is located. Bedroom daughter looks so beautiful, so the Prince can not release the daughter's eyes. The Prince ago knees and kissed the daughter. When it is the daughter's eyes opened and awakened, smiling to the Prince because of the curse of the three teens had little broken.

Ago, both of them out of the tower and at that time the King and Queen have also awakened to its ministers, including all the mutual regard with astonishment. Horse palace was awakened and whinny, dogs also jump up and bark, the birds dove on the roof removing the head from the bottom of the wings, see the surrounding ago flying to the sky; didinding fly the fly directly back; didapur fire back up; fitter cooking hair was holding a boy and want to punish his punishment continue to play with the child's ear until the child crying.

Finally, the King and Queen of the wedding reception for the daughter and Prince ended with happiness throughout their lives.